PAYE Return Filing per Payday. We will file PAYE returns based on the employment information you provide.



With the employment information you provide, we can work on PAYE return filing for you. We might need the information: employee’s full name, IRD number and tax code; pay period start and end dates, payday date and pay frequency; pay rate per hour and working hours per week, or gross earnings; child support, student loan or KiwiSaver deductions if any.

We charge $50+GST per payday with less than five employees. For five to ten employees, we charge $100+GST per payday.

If you have any questions, please contact us: 09 303 2868


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PAYE Return Service

Weekly And Fortnightly PAYE Deduction Tables (IR340)

Four-Weekly And Monthly PAYE Deduction Tables (IR341)


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