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In many ways, starting a business in New Zealand is quite simple and affordable. From choosing your preferred business formation to registering your trademark, there are many resources and guides available to help make the process easy and clear-cut. However, knowing how to focus your business priorities to ensure the best profits and maintain them from the start takes experience.

Whether you’re starting a small business or a large enterprise, seeking professional advice from a business advisory consultant is a great investment. A business advisor specialises in all areas of business development and growth and can provide accounting support, advice, and hands-on help to maximise your business success and profitability. The aid of a professional consultant will not only save you time, resources, and energy but also enable you to confidently ensure business growth in the long run.

Ensuring long-term business success can be difficult, as the success of your business is not just determined by hard work and passion. Understanding the value of your business and the fundamental processes involved from the very beginning, however, is a must. Our business consultants here at Premium Accounting Solution are ready to assist with you to achieve your business’ fullest potential

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Whether you’re a small business owner just starting or an experienced one looking to maximise profits, professional advice from an expert is the best way to critically consider your business ambitions and needs from every angle.

We are business owners ourselves and understand the importance of maintaining effective business management. At Premium Accounting Solution, our team of professional accountants has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in your business plans and provide you with more time to focus on what’s really important.

We treat every client with understanding and respect and offer personalised management consulting services and financial services to suit your individual needs. Book an appointment with one of our advisory team members today and talk to us about your business needs and aspirations. We will help you to maximise your profit and achieve your business goals, all while remaining compliant with New Zealand tax law.

Our Advisory Services

Family Office

Family Offices become popular as a tool to help families manage their assets

Construction & Real Estate

Our specialists can advise on any tax issues your business may have

Business Risk Management

We provide risk management consulting services for large and small businesses

Not-for-profit Organisation

There are some types of not-for-profit organisations in New Zealand

Trademark Registration

Visit our trademark registration service and contact us today

Tax Advisory Services

By analysing the causes of tax problems, we can find loopholes in the management

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