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Creating a financially secure, safe, and promising future for our children and loved ones is important to us all. However, assets management and inheritance planning without the assistance of a financial wealth advisor can be stressful and time-consuming. Family offices are becoming an increasingly popular tool for high equity families to use to manage their wealth efficiently and securely.

Affluent families looking for excellent family office accounting firms can rely on Premium Accounting Solution Limited to respectfully and confidentially manage their wealth through the generations.

Family Office Wealth Management Benefits

Family office wealth management will not only help centralise and organise a family’s personal and business financial affairs but also maintain their wealth long-term. This provides financial security for generations to come.

One of the benefits of having a family office wealth management system set up for long-term investment is that there is then no reason to worry when differences in financial strategy views occur within the family. With the help of a professional management advisor, a well-thought-out investment plan, and a comprehensive financial strategy, family conflicts that occur won’t cause financial discord among the family members.

Our Family Office Services

When it comes to the management of family wealth, including personal and business finances, a family office can provide a variety of financial benefits. From investment management services, budgeting, and tax planning to inheritance and wealth transfer planning, bookkeeping, financing consulting, and more, families can rest assured in their long-term financial security and wellbeing.

With our extensive experience in the financial industry, we promise to:

  • Support family philosophy and family governance
  • Offer professional management, increased compliance, and reduced risks
  • Provide families with high-quality, personalised services such as retirement planning, estate planning and investment advice
  • Contact any third party representatives on behalf of the family
  • Be professional and proactive at responding to and predicting the needs of the family
  • Efficiently and confidentially manage your family affairs

Invest in a family office with Premium Accounting Solution

If you’re looking to set up a family office in Auckland, enlist the services of authorised financial advisors in Premium Accounting Solution! We will work with you and provide financial advice to create a customised family office structure that suits your family needs and long-term aspirations.

Book an appointment with a professional wealth management advisor today at PAS today to discuss your financial goals, investment strategy, and the advantages of family office services with us.

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