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Through reorganization, the company has achieved expansion, or upstream and downstream integration, diversified development, or entering new business areas, forming mergers and acquisitions effects and business synergy, and realizing further exploration of financial value and business value. However, restructuring business involves many tax risks, and there is room for planning. We provide creative and practical real-time value-added solutions to ensure that customers increase profits and avoid risks from restructuring transactions.

PAS assesses and manages tax risks through due diligence before mergers and acquisitions, identifies the effectiveness of tax management, and fully identifies potential tax optimization spaces. Understand the company’s tax-related operations and industry characteristics, make full use of relevant tax incentives, and design the optimal transaction structure. Comprehensive consideration of the arrangement of undistributed profits before the merger and reorganization, asset valuation during the reorganization, tax risks in the process of enterprise cancellation after the reorganization, inheritance of the original tax incentives of the enterprise after the reorganization, and income tax credits caused by the loss of the target company, to achieve win-win situation for reducing tax costs and avoiding tax risks.

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