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With the ongoing development of technology, cloud-based accounting services have become more and more popular. More small businesses are choosing to use accounting software to manage their business accounts with accuracy, flexibility and reliability. In New Zealand market, cloud-based accounting software Xero and MYOB are some of the most popular online accounting platforms, and could be a good fit for your business.

Why Choose Cloud-Based Accounting Services?

1. Access to data anywhere at any time.

2. Easy to read summaries on the software’s dashboard.

3. Save more time with the bank feeds function and automatic match up function.

4. Concurrent multi-user account management access.

5. More reliable than traditional desktop software.

6. Multi-device compatibility.

What Are the Options for Accounting Software in New Zealand?

1. Xero: With real-time information sharing Xero is a well-trust leader in the accounting software field, providing excellent data protection and efficiency design features.

2. MYOB: This cloud-based accounting service is perfect for small and medium sized enterprises due to its affordable pricing and ease of use. There are also flexible plans available with MYOB essential and MYOB advanced.

3. BankLink: Part of the MYOB suite of software tools Banklink can be another great accounting technology to take advantage of. Easy, reliable, quick, and efficient.

4. WAVE: Accounting software that does all the hard work for you. With a streamlined and readable design this accounting technology can provide complex information in an easily understandable way.

5. RECKON: Trusted by 100,000+ businesses this accounting software solution is a way to spend less time managing your finances and more time running your business.

How to Choose the Right Software?

1. Know your requirements. Understand what you need before looking at the details.

2. Try it before you buy.

3. Get expert advice and assistance.

4. Get ready to spend time to learn the new software

How Can We Help You?

Premium Accounting Solution has a highly experienced group of professional accountants to help you choosing the right accounting software. You only need to tell us the situation of your business and your specific needs, then we will handle the rest to choose the best software for you.

Accounting Software Services


You can use Xero to manage your business account anywhere


MYOB is good for SMEs as it is affordable and easy to use

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