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Filing Annual Return

Businesses in New Zealand are required to file a tax return on 31st March, the end of the income tax year. In addition, each company needs to do “Company Annual Return” and update your company details each year. The Financial Report is required by the Inland Revenue Department and is related to accounting and taxation, but “Company Annual Return” is required by the New Zealand Company Office and is related to the company’s administration, director and shareholders. However, it has been ignored by some leaders of the company, because it is simple and quick, especially the leader of small companies, which caused certain troubles and losses.

The reason of filing Annual Return is to confirm the information registered by the company in the “New Zealand Companies Office” has changed in the past year and in the new year, and to let the public know about the company’s relevant information.

Information Needed for Filing an Annual Return

1. Company addresses

Changes to the company’s existing contact address, registered address, service address, etc.

2. Ultimate Holding Company

Confirm whether or not your company has an ultimate holding company (UHC). If you answer Yes, should update what date the change took effect, and what type of company or entity the UHC is.

3. Directors’ Details

Relevant information updated by company directors

4. Shareholdings

The content of the company’s shareholders changes

In addition, the “Company Annual Return” must display the correct date when the company needs to do the “Company Annual Return”. If there is any shift during the company’s resettlement (such as the designated director or director resignation) the “Company Annual Return” needs the related application form.

Not conduct Annual Return on time, company will be “Struck-Off”

If you forget to do “company annual return”, although your company is still operating, you have not done the “company annual return” for a long time, New Zealand company office will mistakenly believe that the company is no longer operating, or may have been closed, and replace your company, then when you go to the bank to do loans or other business for the company, the seriousness of the problem may arise, and this will cause you and your company a lot of trouble.

Maybe your company has changed its address, changed its mobile phone number, or there are other reasons that cause Companies Office to lose contact with you or your company. Your company was “struck-off” because it did not conduct the “Company Annual Return” on time

If the company is “Struck-off” but still continues to operate, you need to apply to the Companies Office again to Restore a Company and provide the following materials to the Companies Office:

  • Restoration application form;
  • Restoration fee;
  • The application form for the annual return and other related fees have not been filled out before, such as: “company annual return” fees, registration fees, late filing fines, etc.

Any changes in the above-mentioned information about the company must be notified to the company Office to avoid trouble. Therefore, we also need to inform everyone that starting from 01 July 2008, the “company annual return” can only be declared online, so please prepare in advance and stop making declarations in handwritten forms.

Why Choose Us

You can file it online by yourself or entrust us to do this work for you. We have senior certified public accountants with rich accounting, warm and friendly customer service personnel, strict management system, advanced computer management system, which can assess the situation of customers based on information to ensure that our customers receive the most professional services in the face of the company. During the “company annual return”, our company will notify each customer in advance and confirm the information of the company with the customer to ensure that the customer’s company can pass the “Company Annual Return” successfully and on time.

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