Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is, without a doubt, the most important step for corporation operation. Trademarks distinguish the origin of goods or services and help companies guide their customers to their brand name.

Why register a trademark?

1. Trademarks are unique and exclusive.

When a trademark is registered, the registrant gains the exclusive right to use the trademark. A registered trademark is like a special ID in the market. They not only symbolise a brand’s influence in the market but also stand for the valuable intangible assets of the company.

2. Trademarks are protected by law.

Once you have registered your company’s trademarks, the law will protect you by preventing your competitors from copying your trademarks. Even using trademarks of similar design is not allowed. However, if your trademark is left unregistered, your competitors can easily steal and distribute the company’s ideas and products.

It’s important to register your trademark as soon as possible because if a company delays completing the trademark registration process, the risk of its trademark being taken up and registered by another business will increase. Suppose the trademark that you have painstakingly managed is already registered under the name of a different company. In that case, you will lose your right to the trademark and will be unable to continue using it. This also means that your company may easily infringe on the rights of the registered trademark owners, highlighting the importance of trademark rights and the legal protection they provide.

3. Trademarks protect and promote credibility and reputation.

If a trademark is not registered and another company starts selling low-quality goods under your trade name and branding, consumers who buy the low-quality products will assume they’re yours and misunderstand the production and operation of your company. This outcome would not only harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and hurt the development of the market, it would also negatively impact on the brand image of the original company, damaging their credibility and reputation. After this, only a new registered trademark would distinguish your goods from similar goods, and bring more benefits to your enterprise.

4. Failure to register a trademark will cause loss of economic value.

A successful trademark that has been painstakingly managed is a sign of consumer subscription and the key to corporate profitability. 

However, if that trademark becomes registered by a different company, the original company will have to employ rescue measures by either buying back its “own” trademark or giving up the right to use it and registering a new one. This is why trademark registration is crucial to protect the economic value of a trademark.

Regardless of the outcome, the enterprise faces an economic loss. In a fiercely competitive market, earning customer trust and loyalty requires not only enhancing product/service quality but also prioritising intellectual property protection by timely trademark registration.  

Failure to register a trademark can result in loss of economic value, as applications for registration are charged by the number of classes in your specification of types of goods and services.

Company Trademarks in New Zealand

In New Zealand, a company trademark can be either a word trademark (usually it’s the business name), an image trademark (a logo), or a combination of the two. A trademark can be owned by a company, an individual, two partners, one (or more) owners of a company, as well as other legal entities. Registering a trademark early is advisable as it allows a company to establish its brand and secure its position in the market.

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