Xero is a leading online accounting system designed for small businesses, making it easy for many small business owners without accounting knowledge to use the software for financial management and bookkeeping. This cloud-based accounting software can help business connect company account with any networked computer anywhere, anytime, without installing any software.

Why choose Xero?

Improve work efficiency
Xero’s auto-processing ability raises work efficiency significantly. For example, it can automatically import bank transactions, send invoice reminders and process paperwork. It saves a lot of time spent on the traditional current account recording, and ensuring the real-time update of the company’s accounts, which can provide a better data for the business owner to make decisions. Moreover, it can directly submit GST and payroll through Xero, making the tax process simple.

Real-time sharing information
Business owners and their accountants can share information about the company in Xero, which greatly facilitates accountants to adjust and control the company’s accounts anytime and anywhere. It makes it easier for accountants and business owners to communicate financial information without sending and receiving a large number of documents in traditional ways.

Provide data protection
Only those who are invited have access to company’s account and they may have different permission, which can effectively protect your business data. Also, Xero has two-step authentication to provide extra login protection, making it more difficult for anyone who want to attack your account. The information is stored in cloud-based software, which means it can be saved in time and will not be affected physical broken.

Pricing Plan

There are three different pricing plans for Xero, and business could choose suitable plan based on their needs. These three kinds of pricing plans are Starter ($29/month), Standard ($62/month), and Premium ($78/month).

All three of these plans include some basic features, such as invoicing, billing, bank feeds, reporting, mobile app and more. Also, there are some differences and extra expenses in different plans. For example: the Premium plan can handle multiple currencies and others are not; the Starter plan only can send 5 invoices and quotes, enter 5 bills, and Reconcile 20 bank transactions, while others have unlimited volumes for these features. If you need to use payroll and projects, extra expenses are needed to expend for all of three plans. For more details, please contact us.

Xero Usage Requirements

No requirements!!!

You just need to register an online account and choose a suitable pricing plan to use Xero system.

Why choose us?

By providing us with relevant information, we can evaluate your company’s financial status and help you choose a suitable Xero plan. Premium Accounting Solutions have professional accountants who can help you save time in learning Xero and enable you to focus on business development. Getting in touch with us today and see how can we help you!

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