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Auditing is an important function that contributes to a company’s financial well-being because companies that stay up to date in their auditing practices can effectively meet compliance standards. Both internal and external auditing practices can positively impact a company, and Premium Accounting Solution can help with our tax auditing services.

What is Internal Audit and External Audit?

Internal Auditing is an objective way to improve an organisation’s operations and add value to a company. Internal audits help businesses to achieve their goals by evaluating practices and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. Many organisations outsource, either completely or partially, their internal audit function. Modern internal audit functions need a broad range of skills to provide an effective and comprehensive service.

External auditing will concentrate more on the accuracy of business accounts and the business’s financial condition, along with the business’s compliance with laws and regulations. An external audit is an examination that is conducted by an independent accountant, and this type of audit is usually intended to result in a certification of the financial statements of an entity. This certification is required by certain investors and lenders, and for all publicly held businesses.

Why Choose Us?

By using an outsourced accounting service like Premium Accounting Solution, a business’ auditing process can be made more manageable. At Premium Accounting Solution, all our services are provided at the highest standard possible to assist clients in achieving their business goals, and our professional chartered accountant team has the industry knowledge and skills to help you to manage your auditing process effectively. If you’re looking for excellent auditing assistance services, contact Premium Accounting Solution today!

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