Incorporating a Company in New Zealand

For those interested in starting their own business or incorporating a company in New Zealand, the first thing they will need to do is register the company with the Companies Office. We provide a brief overview of the processes involved and what information a business will need to prepare when registering.

What to prepare when incorporating a company?

With any new company incorporation, the first thing the business owner needs to do is create an online account with the Companies Office and register a name for the company. The cost of incorporating a company is $114.39 (plus GST) and the cost of reserving a company name is $10 (plus GST).

Company details must be provided, including the following:

1. The company name

The name must be unique, i.e. it cannot be the same or similar to an existing company name. The name can be changed after the company is incorporated.

2. The contact addresses

The contact addresses include a registered office address, a service address, and a communication address. The registered office address and the service address should both be physical addresses in New Zealand. If any of the address locations you provide change after registering the company, make sure your details are updated with the Companies Office.

3. A company constitution

This is not a mandatory requirement as not every company needs to make a constitution, but a constitution can be beneficial for a company to have. A constitution can be used to clearly list out the rights, powers, and duties of a company, as well as any executives or shareholders involved.

4. The information of registered shares, shareholders, and directors

The company must have at least one share, one shareholder, and one director.

What should you be aware of?

Once you have filed a company name, you have to complete your application for incorporating your New Zealand company within 20 working days, including filing consent forms that have been signed by all directors and shareholders.

In addition to this, a business owner wanting to start a company in New Zealand should also be aware of the related financial accounting aspects, especially concerning the following.

1. Business structure

Registering as different entities will have different advantages for a business. While sole traders must take unlimited responsibilities for business debt, a company structure can be seen as a separate legal body and can therefore take responsibility independently.

Choosing an entity type for your business is also very important to get right because different types of entities require different tax rates. If an incorporated business has a structure that is not suitable for their business, they may end up paying more tax than necessary.

2. GST registration

While some businesses should register GST, others need not to. This depends on your annual turnover and whether or not your business activities are taxable.

If you register GST, your selling price is much higher. However, after you register GST, you can claim a GST refund. To the owner of a business, this is a great deal of cash inflow.

3. Employer registration

If you want to hire employees or hire yourself as an employee, you must register yourself as an employer so that you can pay PAYE.

4. FBT registration

FBT means fringe benefits tax. If your company is providing a fringe benefit, you need to apply for FBT. For example, when you use your business goods and services for private purposes or when you (as an employer) contribute to an employee’s benefit fund, insurance policy, or superannuation scheme, you should register FBT in advance.

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